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VFT Sponsors ANA Research Symposium

VFT Sponsors ANA Research Symposium

The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation is proud to sponsor and attend the biennial Aniridia North America Symposium: Pax6, Aniridia and Beyond once again.  The 2023 event, presented by VFT partner, Aniridia North America, offers an environment for leading researchers to network and make connections in emerging science related to aniridia.

This meeting provides a forum for the scientific community to present current aniridia research findings and facilitate collaboration on future studies. Sessions will focus on aniridia-related issues including glaucoma, corneal health, and genetics.  

Some of the recent research VFT has funded has been a direct result of collaboration and innovation discussed at this meeting.

“This meeting has served as a focal point for understanding and uncovering new research avenues for VFT to support,” said Susan Wolfe, VFT President. “Top researchers focused on this rare disease gives us so much hope to help empower those living with low vision.”

Leaders from VFT along with other patient advocacy organizations will attend the meeting to represent the needs of people with aniridia. Watch VFT social pages for reports from the meeting and a patient friendly recap following the meeting. The meeting takes place in Charlottesville, VA, September 30 to October 1.

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