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The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation seeks to empower people with low vision to have the confidence and ability to achieve their dreams. We envision a world where vision problems may be cured – or even prevented. That is why funding research is at the heart of our foundation. Research makes it possible to better understand and more effectively treat ocular complications common in albinism and aniridia, two conditions causing low vision from birth. We also know that we are stronger together and offer support and information to families affected by albinism and aniridia. Please explore our information to learn more about albinism and aniridia. We welcome you to meet families profiled throughout the website who are leading fulfilling lives.

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Albinism is an inherited condition and affects people of all races and ethnicities and is more common than you may think. One out of every 17,000 people worldwide has some form of albinism.

How Vision Works

 Learn How the Anatomy of the Eye Works and Allows Us to See.


Aniridia is a rare genetic condition that affects approximately 1 in 60,000 births. The term “aniridia” literally means “without iris” but the condition can affect the entire eye anatomy.

Latest News

The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation has been able to support ground-breaking research in the area of low vision because of generous donors and community outreach. To continue this important and exciting work, we’ve made it even easier for everyone to help raise funds. We are excited to launch a new easy-to-use fundraising online tool. The tool allows anyone to create their own fundraising campaign in a matter of minutes. Participants can simply personalize a campaign page with their story, photos and goal and with the click of a button, family and friends can donate right away. We believe everyone can make a difference. So whether your are trying to raise $100 or $10,000, all efforts help drive research forward and showcases support for those living with low vision.

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