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About Us
About Us
Our Vision
The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation seeks to empower people with low vision to have the confidence and ability to achieve their dreams. We envision a world where vision problems may be cured – or even prevented. That is why funding research is at the heart of our foundation. Research makes it possible to better understand and more effectively treat ocular complications common in albinism and aniridia, two conditions causing low vision from birth. We also know that we are stronger together and offer support and information to families affected by albinism and aniridia.
Please explore our information to learn more about albinism and aniridia. We welcome you to meet families profiled throughout the website who are leading fulfilling lives.
About Us


We fund research for better treatments or prevention of conditions associated with aniridia and albinism by:

  • creating a research strategy that prioritizes projects
  • establishing relationships with the leading researchers in the field
  • identifying treatments or preventions with the greatest impact on quality of life
  • actively fundraising to fund research

We provide support to families affected by aniridia or albinism by:

  • offering immediate family support for newly diagnosed families
  • empowering affected families with a platform to receive information and fundraise for their cause
  • providing access to information on aniridia and albinism in an open, free environment.
Our Team

Board of Directors

Susan Wolfe, President

Grayson Chinn, Vice President and Secretary

Matt Wolfe, Treasurer

Emeritus Board

Susan Ballis, MD

Wendy Baum, CPA, JD

Volunteer Leads

Debby Casher – Family Outreach

Susie Chinn – Family Support and Fundraising

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you.  Please reach out to us with your questions, to get involved, or to connect with one of our family support liaisons at

Please note our new address:

The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation
106 W. Calendar Avenue
Suite 177
LaGrange, Illinois 60525

Junior Board

Our mission is to create a fun event to raise awareness about low vision, while generating funds for eye-related research. The Vision For Tomorrow Junior Board is comprised of high school students from Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois.

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