We are loving parents, insatiable researchers, and active members of both our communities and schools.  We all have children with low vision.

Through our shared experiences, we have learned that information is a source of comfort and power.  Knowledge and awareness allows us to advocate better for our children and others in the world of low vision. We have learned that research costs money — lots of it.  We also have learned that by carefully planning and using our research dollars, we CAN make a difference by funding research that leads to better treatments or prevention of ocular issues our children face.

Best of all, we have learned that we are not alone.

By staying in touch with each other and the issues that affect our world, you can make your home, your school and your community a better place for children with low vision.  By funding research, you can make it possible for every person to see the world in a better light.

We provide support to families affected by aniridia or albinism by:

  • offering immediate family support for newly diagnosed families
  • empowering affected families with a platform to receive information and fundraise for their cause
  • providing access to information on aniridia and albinism in an open, free environment

We fund research for better treatments or prevention of condition associated with aniridia and albinism by:

  • creating a research strategy which prioritizes projects
  • establishing relationships with the leading researches in the field
  • identifying treatments or preventions with the greatest impact on quality of life
  • actively fundraising to fund research

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