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ANA Symposium – Patient-Focused Summary Now Available

ANA Symposium – Patient-Focused Summary Now Available

VFT is pleased to share the Aniridia North America Working to Solve the Aniridia Puzzle, A Patient-Focused Summary of Presentations from the 2023 ANA Symposium: PAX6, Aniridia, and Beyond.

This summary helps to breakdown the information shared at the meeting from clinical and research leaders in aniridia related research.  VFT sponsored and attended the biennial Symposium which provided a forum for the scientific community to present current aniridia research findings and facilitate collaboration on future studies.

The meeting provided the most in-depth assessment to date of the role of PAX6 and other eye genes involved in aniridia and related congenital eye disorders.  Sessions focused aniridia-related issues including glaucoma, corneal health, and genetics.  

Some of the recent research VFT has funded has been a direct result of collaboration and innovation discussed at this meeting.

Read or download a regular or print version here:


Click here to visit Aniridia North America for more details.

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