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VFT and IWSA Join Forces

VFT and IWSA Join Forces

The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation (VFT) and the International WAGR Syndrome Association (IWSA) executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement in November 2021. The IWSA and VFT share common goals and objectives and are pleased to formalize their relationship to collaborate and work together for the benefit of individuals with aniridia and WAGR syndrome.  

IWSA, a nonprofit organization based in Maryland, was founded to serve those with the rare genetic disorder of WAGR Syndrome.  WAGR is an acronym for the primary features of the disorder which includes Wilms Tumor, Aniridia, Genitourinary abnormalities and a Range of developmental delays. 

β€œThe mission of the IWSA is to promote awareness, stimulate research and support families affected by WAGR syndrome,” said Kelly Trout, BSN, RN, IWSA Chairperson.

VFT and IWSA have been effectively collaborating for several years and representatives of both organizations recently played important roles in the creation of Aniridia North America (ANA).  VFT and the IWSA were sponsors for and attended the recent 2021 Aniridia North America Symposium:  Pax6, Aniridia, and Beyond, held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The VFT team is excited to make this collaboration formal and looks forward to working with the IWSA to advance research related to aniridia and its complications.

Susan Wolfe of VFT joined by Kelly Trout, BSN, RN, IWSA Chairperson and Shari Krantz, IWSA Executive Director at the 2021 ANA meeting.
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