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The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation Announces New Director of Scientific Affairs

vft-bloom-png-imageThe Vision for Tomorrow Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr. Bruce Bloom, President and Chief Science Officer of the non-profit Cures Within Reach, has joined the Vision for Tomorrow team as Director of Scientific Affairs. Dr. Bloom brings more than 30 years of medical research, clinical trial and non-profit management experience to the Foundation.

Dr. Bloom will help Vision for Tomorrow create and manage a Scientific Advisory Board with leading experts in ophthalmology and genetic research. Dr. Bloom will manage research solicitation, selection and administration, and he will support communication with families, clinicians and our funders. “As we mark our 10 year anniversary and look ahead, the Vision for Tomorrow Foundation will embark on its most aggressive research plan to date with the funding of four projects this year with more in the pipeline for 2017 and beyond,” said Susan Ballis, Founder, Vision for Tomorrow. “Dr. Bloom will play a central role in helping to move us closer to halting or reversing problems associated with low vision.” In addition to help identify and manage valuable new research, Dr. Bloom and his team at Cures Within Reach specialize in clinically testing drugs, devices and nutriceuticals already available for human use. This provides the opportunity to repurpose research and create additional treatments in unsolved diseases, especially rare diseases, such as aniridia and albinism. The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation seeks to empower people with low vision to have the confidence and ability to achieve their dreams. Research makes it possible to better understand and more effectively treat ocular complications common in albinism and aniridia, two conditions causing low vision from birth. The Vision for Tomorrow Foundation depends on your generous contributions. Each dollar Vision for Tomorrow raises goes directly toward supporting research and public awareness to help improve the lives of families affected by low vision and associated ocular complications. Please consider joining our efforts here.   ###
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