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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

My brother’s eyes looked a little different when he came home from the hospital, but I wasn’t sure why. I quickly found out. My jaw dropped. It stayed in that locked position for quite a while. I had just been told the most unimaginable thing ever. My brother was partially blind in one eye. I saw my parents crying as they walked away holding Tyler. I just sat on the chair stunned. I didn’t really understand what that meant or how much it would end up affecting me and the rest of my life.

Tyler and my parents were gone a lot for Tyler’s six surgeries that he had as a baby. I quickly realized that my life would NEVER be the same as before. I knew it would be different when Tyler came around, but I never expected it to be this different. Having a family member with a disease that causes so much medical attention makes me realize how lucky I am, and how I take things for granted that many would be so appreciative to have.

Tyler has inspired me in many ways, making me a better person in the process. Although a lot of people feel bad for my family and wish that Tyler was normal, I wouldn’t change my life for anything. If I didn’t have Tyler to support me and push me as both a person and an athlete, my life would have much less meaning. Tyler has taught me that even when things get tough, or we are given challenges out of our control, you can still achieve ANYTHING as long as you have the proper support, love and determination. Go Tyler!

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